Commercial textiles

Textiles for Domestic, Commercial & Hospitality

Ritex has a long history of supplying to the Textiles Industries for Domestic , Commercial & Hospitality use.


1.0 Made up Textiles

Bathroom Towels Accessories various sizes – Bath Towels, hand towels, face cloths & bath mats manufactured using high quality Ring Spun method for Domestic, Commercial & Hospitality.

Textiles – For Bath Towels
Weight: 454 to 610 grams
(a) For domestic use
(b) For Hospitality use

Textiles – Cabinet Roller Towels
White, Blue & Striped Towels:
Weight: 65grams/m
Size – 26cm x 38m For Domestic & Hospitality use.

Textiles – Tea Towels – 52x77cm, 51x76cm
Huck-a-back, Terry Toweling Honey Comb, check Tea Towels of various colours for Commercial and Domestic use.

Textiles – Bed Sheets/Pillowcases – 100% Cotton and/or Poly/Cotton
Widths: 180cm, 240cm, 260cm, 275cm, 290cm (Sheets)
Widths: 52x86cm (pillowcase)
Sizes: Super King, King, Queen & Single Bleached, Dyed and printed For Domestic, Commercial & Hospitality use.

Textiles – Air cell Blankets – mainly for hospital use.
White, Blue, Yellow, Grey & Pink
Size: 172cm x 240cm

Textiles – Bath Robes – For domestic & hospitality use.
Colour : White Velour
Size – Free size (kimono)

Textiles – Table Cloths/Table Napkins Plain and Damask
Sizes: 138x138cm, 138x244cm, 183x183cm
Circular: 183cm & 250cm diameters.
Printed, Jacquard. For Commercial & Hospitality use.

Textiles – Bleached Diapers
Cotton Flannelette type – Brushed one side
With Red selvedge strip
(a) Weight: 88 0r 132grams
(b) Size: 76x76cm For Domestic use.

Textiles – Cotton & Polyester/Cotton Canvas.
Loomstate and also dyed and waterproofed/mildew proofed
Width: 94cm, 187cm, 104cm For Domestic, Commercial use.


2.0 Textiles – Stockinette

100% Cotton Stockinette Washed or unwashed – 2.5kg/rolls Stockinette piece in bags for cleaning purposes. For Domestic & Commercial industry.



  • Tradesmen
  • Painters
  • Carpet/Lino Layers
  • Car groomers
  • Mechanics
  • Engineers
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Domestic Cleaning
  • General Cleaning


3.0 Textiles – Piece Goods

Bleached & Dyed 100% Cotton Drill
96×56 16/12’s
Width 36 inch
Mercerised & Sanforised Textiles for commercial use.

100% Cotton Downproofed Cambric
100×130 40/40’s Combed Yarn
120×100 40/40’s Combed Yarn
Width: 56 inch, 44/45 inch
Bleach & Dyed Textiles for commercial use.


4.0 Fibre

100% Viscose 4.5 Denier Fibre
Colour: White (Semi bright/bright)
100mm Staple Length
(Denier can be +/- 10%) For Textile for commercial & industrial use.

100% Polyester 7 Denier Fibre
Colour: Raw White – 64mm (Semi dull)
(a) Hollow Conjugate
(b) Mechanical Crimp
(c) Siliconised & Non Siliconised Textiles for industrial use.

100% Polyester 3 Denier Fibre
Colour: Raw White – 32mm (Semi dull)
(c) Hollow Conjugate
(d) 5.5 Crimp per centimetre


5.0 Other Type of Textiles

Polypropylene and/or High Density Polyethylene Woven type Fabric
Light Fabrics: 10×8 950D/950D
Width: 76, 78, 80, 82 inch For Commercial & Industrial use.

Polypropylene Geo – Textiles Fabrics
Industrial Textiles for filtration & soil stabilisation use.


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