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Managing Director: PETER RUTHERFORD 021547832     peter.rutherford@ritex.co.nz

Accounts: TONI CHARLES 0210370007      toni.charles@ritex.co.nz

Linen, Towels, Textiles (Jute & Hessian Cloth) and PE Protection Cloths: ROD RAMSBOTTOM 0274328238      rod.ramsbottom@ritex.co.nz

PP / Hessian Bags & Sacks, Bulk Bags, Scaffolding: PETER HODSON: 0273604255     peter.hodson@ritex.co.nz

HDPE Woolpacks / Garden Bags, Horticultural Products (Bird Netting, Shade & Frost Cloth, Ground Cover): BRENDAN HODGSON: 0276763666 brendan.hodgson@ritex.co.nz

Please feel free to contact the above at any time, but please note that our ability to deliver goods may be determined by 3PL services / staff based on Government advice


Ritex International

Importers and Distributor: HDPE & Nylon Wool Packs, Wool Packs for scourers and for export, Hessian Product, Jute Yarn, Stockinette, Towelling, General Textiles, Carpet backing, all kinds of textiles & linen for Hospitality, Commercial & Domestic use in the textile Industry.

Valtex Horticultural Products

Importers & Distributors of: Bird Netting, Rain Protection Cloth, Shade Cloths, Ground cover, Mulch Reflective cloth, Hail/Frost Cloth, Windbreak, Scaffold fittings, Scaffold netting, Mobile and portable scaffold, Olive net and other Viticulture and Agriculture products.

Valiant Woven Bag Company

Manufacturers, Importers and Printers of all kinds of Polypropylene Bags & Cloth, Poly Carpet bags, Bulk Container Bags or bulkbag, Onion bags, Planter Bags. We can make bags of different sizes according to your requirement sewing thread and bag closing thread are also available.

Valiant Woolpack Company

Importer of New HDPE and Nylon Woolpacks, as well as Lightweight Woolpacks and Garden Bags for your specific requirements

Ritex News

HTTPS secure for 2018

In line with best practice Web policy, we have updated our website to the fully secure HTTPS protocol for 2018. We look forward to doing business in the coming year.

All the best for 2017

From all the team at Ritex, we wish you a healthy and happy new year, enjoy the holiday period, and we look forward to doing business in 2017. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Ollie O’Connor to the team, and he is taking care of the horticultural products category. He looks forward to […]